Chris Burch's Model Railways

Welcome to my imaginary world of model railways!

Photo of ChrisI started modelling in N Gauge in 1990 (having had Tri-ang OO Gauge trains in my childhood). I have been a member, as I've moved around, of the Model Railway Societies in Leeds, then Coventry, and now Syston near Leicester. I run a Model Railway Exhibition at my parish church, St Peter's Braunstone Park, Leicester, on the 1st Saturday of each November. I had a main line at home, with enough sidings for 8 trains, which I have now sold. Since then my largest layout has been Castle Brewery, which doubled as exhibition layout and home layout - so I can "watch the trains go by" of an evening. It has now been sold to make room for a new home layout which I haven't started building yet - watch this space! My current exhibition layouts are Herrenscar Harbour and the new Howling Moor Dam - both part of the Nivverwas Valley Tramway which is my "concept album" of layouts. But as well as the new home layout, I'm planning a Great Western branch line terminus, my first ever based on a real location, and a new challenge for me.